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Goofy Foot Surf School

Schooling are always boring to children and most of the students feel sad or tired if they wanted to go to school. Parents had to do a great job to motivate and send them to school.

Can you imagine that there is a school which is really fun and your child would enjoy there. Goofy Foot Surf School is really a great school and trains your child to surf.

The school is located in Lahaina and the surf spot in that location is very safe and good for beginners to start with. Also Goofy Surf School has been in this teaching for 10 years and has taught 1000 of kids with easy surfing lessons.

The lessons would be taught by well trained and certified instructor. You need to book in well advance. Your child must have completed 9 years to learn surfing.

To know more about this School - Goofy Foot Surf School

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