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Biotech Job Hunt in Banglore

Biotech Job status:
Banglore and Hyderbad are too such places where Biotech jobs seem to be available. So, Recently I made a visit to Banglore for a Job Hunt in some Biotech Companies. As for Biotech Industry is concerned, you can’t fit into a Biotech/pharma industry after your completion of B.Tech Biotechnology the reason is because that in India the do only production. The company is not ready to spend huge amount giving to engineering graduates for the labor worked involved in production. So, they recruit B.Sc level graduates as labors or technicians.
Well, you may say that even I am ready for that job and I am not concerned about the low pay. There are Rules in company which would say the HR team that only B.Sc Graduate level are Eligible. So, you now become over-Qualified for the Job.
Same with the case of Pharmaceutical Company. They recruit B.Pharm graduate level but not Engineers because they come under over-qualified and the rules of the company don’t allow the HR team to recruit you.
So, Now that you may ask.
 Who will recruit B.Tech Biotech Graduates??
The answer I have experienced is only if you have a network with a company through communications or by some reference. Also, there is no grantee that you get your preferred post.
Study in abroad??
Now that you may know that why many students prefer to study abroad. The reason is simple; much money is spent in research in the foreign countries. So, it’s like they join a course called M.S there which gives them credit to join under different eligible criteria under Research Team.
Well what about M.Tech graduates??
The answer is simple again. M.Tech is a P.G. degree in India. So, now your criteria changes from Graduate labors (where preference goes to level ) to Supervisor level. The Job may be like to manage the B.Sc level graduates who work. But, ofcourse the criteria they prefer will state M.Tech with 2 years experience.
Why that 2 year experience?
That’s for maintaining the people below you. Now that you are strong in technical level. But you need some experience to maintain your team mates under you. Also, you can get a job as fresher but it’s purely based on your interview performance explaining your leadership skills.
Research Jobs in India?
Yes, the Indian companies also spend some money in research but not much compared to foreign because they are afraid of money loss if the research fails. So, this makes the research jobs complicated in India, you may get a research job if you have high technical skills after your M.Tech or P.hd
Your Options:
Now the options are purely on yours. The world is now globalized. Don’t think of people who say work for India. I will say” Dedicate your work to the world”. If you prefer to India, you can slowly come up and don’t bother about society. Do some other jobs and earn some money to invest your self by stating a company. I can say you can easily succeed because much of the research products are not yet been produced large scale. You can choose to produce one such product and slowly raise the business. Now that you can recruit biotech graduates.


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