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Choosing Biotechnology

Why you chooseBiotech?

This is the most frequently asked question from the day you thought of joining biotechnology and I don’t know when they will stop not to ask this. (For sure!!!) Some of the reasons why people have opted biotechnology in the past is emphasized below (hardly 8 batches would have passed out in biotechnology till 2008 date under Anna University Colleges). E.g. In my college Rajalakshmi Engineering College, our batch was the 4th set in Biotechnology. I completed in 2008.

The main Reason where anyone would choose Biotechnology is its a new and emerging field. The Next ultimate reason would be I like Biology. Some other reasons include plan to study abroad. However I had my own reasons which I struggled to explain. My idea is that Biotechnology is a course where you can develop creativity. Our imagination has no bounds in thinking of new ideas in this superb field biotechnology which is very lively to think anything. The creativity results in thinking to clone a man where as on the other side they think of silly robots. (Just compare the liveliness in biotechnology) Stop!! Stop!! Stop!!

Everything is fine, but what about the scope of Biotechnology in India is the next question?

Well, I personally feel that the employment chances are very less after completion of B.Tech Biotechnology in any biotech companies. Even after your post graduation again the chances are very less. Reason is that, biotechnology is a pure research field. Scientists in biotechnology need creativity at their first priority. So, only limited numbers can be employed under this sector for sure; even after any years. Stop!! Stop!! Stop!!

The next thing where all forget is very unfortunate and this is the truth. The Anna University started biotechnology with an aim in Bioprocess Engineering Requirements. But, no student to my knowledge takes interest in this. All think of Genetic Engineering at first priority (even me). The ultimate aim of B.Tech Biotechnology is “Designing of Bioreactor”. So, in near future only Bioprocess alone can give you jobs after B.Tech Biotechnology. (Take my words).

AfterBiotechnology concepts:

Are you clear with your mind now what to do after B. Tech Biotechnology, focus of higher studies in abroad mostly U.S and prepare accordingly GRE and Toffel. If you are not interested in higher studies then focus on Survival of Fittest and find your own jobs mostly IT jobs. Better idea is to do MBA in really good institution in India and go for Biotechnology Marketing where any biotech companies will sure offer you. Last but real biotechnology motive is to focus on bioprocess and struggle to land somewhere in chemical process or Bioprocess Company.

Final words: You would have understood by now that College doesn’t really matter for studying biotechnology.

However, a college with good lab facility can be better.

If you think to join Biotechnology with some good reasons and with great focus do let me know.

Do give your Feed Back below in comments!!!


  1. Lindsay Rosenwald Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald is part of the Republican Jewish Coalition as a member of the Board of Directors.

  2. How about the unemployment rate in abroad? still low? will it grow by next 10 years? I'm planning to take biotech in future ... :O

  3. i did btech biotech , working in MEDIMIX as production supervisor, I wanna come back to my streamline, What should i do ?

  4. I'm planning to do biotech in london. Is it scopeful?

  5. Hi, I plan to study biotech degree..but I think my practical skills are not good enough..Am I unsuitable for the course and job? Do u mean the main goal of biotech in industry is dealing with living matter(like enzyme, vaccine and antibiotic..)?We have to perform extremely outstanding to get employed?In working, we usually produce what have been known and sometimes also do research to produce something new?


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