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Biotechnology for TANCET:

If you want to do M. Tech Biotechnology then proceed to read below.
TANCET is an examination to secure a degree for Post Graduation. This exam is conducted to study in Tamil Nadu, India for Post Graduation. It stands for TamilNadu Common Entrance Examination. So, if are planning to do what after B. Tech Biotechnology, one option you will come across will be TANCET. In any ways, it not necessary to learn particularly for TANCET since all portions for TANCET Biotechnology is covered in your B. Tech Biotechnology syllabus itself.
You can join any college that opt M. Tech Biotechnology under Anna University and its self Financing College through this test.
So, now directly into TANCET Preparation and its syllabus in below:                                                                                                                                                                 The duration of the test is 2 hours.
Part-1: Mathematics: 30 Questions
Here the questions will be asked under Determinants and Matrices, Calculus and differential equations, Vector Calculus, Functions of complex variables and complex integration, Laplace and inverse transformations, Numerical Methods, Applied Probability.
Part-2: Basic Engineering Science: 45 Questions
Here the questions will be under Applied Mechanics- Force and Inertia, Material Science- Magnetic and Electrical Conductors, Civil Engineering- Fluid dynamics, Electrical Engineering- A.C, D.C machines, Mechanical Engineering- Thermodynamics, Computers-C programs, Physics-Sound and Laser, Chemistry- Adsorption, Electrochemistry.
Part-3: Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering: 40 Questions
Here the list goes like
Fluid Mechanics and Particle Technology
Chemical Technology and Process Calculations
Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Process control
Organic and surface chemistry
Polymer and corrosion chemistry
Environmental pollution and Control
Bioprocess Engineering
Cell and Molecular Biology
Biochemistry and Microbiology
Genetic Engineering
Cement and Refractory
The part 2 and 3 have negative mark of .25 and these two parts are just the coverage of what all you studied in full four years of B. Tech Biotechnology.

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  1. along wid biotechnology syllabus in part 3 should biotechnology studenta also do chemical engg topics .plzz rep
    and too suggest some books to prepare

  2. can u plz suggest some books?

  3. HOW CAN M.Sc.,students be able to prepare mathematics and basic engineering sciences for tancet

  4. suggest some of the best books for TANCET ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

  5. Lindsay Rosenwald know more about Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald and achievements facts.

  6. can u pls suggest a specific book for tancet preparation...


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