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Bioinformatics Project guidelines:

If you have planned to do a project under bioinformatics stream and you need some guidelines these below lines can be useful to you.

Choose your project topic first and then proceed to follow the below given steps for any sort of project in bioinformatics.

Literature review

This is the most important step must follow. Focus on your topic and try to concentrate more and more around the topic. You will get a number of points which will be very useful while doing your project. For E.g. if you are interested in Gene Silencing try search in Google with Keywords RNAi, SiRNA, and Gene Silencing etc. You will get a number of EBooks to be learned.

Learn and run two existing bioinformatics programs

Now if you have learned some eBooks, some authors of it would have used their methods to solve it. You try to use the tools used by them with your assumed values and learn the tools and its prediction. It may help you in giving new ideas to improve your project.

Implement one method
(can be implemented using a computer language, shell scripting, macros in Excel, Maple etc)

This is for if you are in Bio Programming and wanted to implement an algorithm or tool development.

Script out your project plan

Script out the objective of your project, aim of your work, number of days/ month of your project work, and other related things.

Write a ~5 page report

Once you have decided what to do, next divide all the work into parts and try to complete the task one by one. Once you have completed one task prepare a 5 page report of it. This will make easy when you are preparing your final report.

Prepare a 10 minute presentation.

Again this will be very useful when you preparing for your final review and presentation.

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